Released at: April 16, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Butt Contest" featuring Desiree and Rodney Moore -** Desiree shows up late for the Butt Contest but she's willing to do anything to be included. She shows Rodney her luscious black booty. That gets her in the door but rules are rules and she's already missed the deadline. So she yanks down Rodney's pants and starts sucking his cock instead. She gives him a long, sloppy blow job. He's almost convinced to let her join but not quite. So Desiree lets him fuck her too. She bounces her big black butt up and down on Rodney's thick cock riding him for all she's worth. Then Rodney gets her on all fours and dives in deep for some hot doggy style action. That's all it takes as Rodney pulls out and pumps a huge creamy load of cum into Desirees open mouth that she swallows down with Glee!

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