Denni O's Amateur Sluts & Real Swingers 28: Pardon My Oozing Cunt

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Sticky Video
Denni O has rallied the troops again, and this time she lines up 9 horny studs to try and satisfy her young new friend Samantha Kay. This proves to be a difficult chore because Samantha is an insatiable cock and cum hound. She fucks a succession of cocks that all leave an oozing trail of sperm inside her nasty cunt, then they bury their raging hard-ons into her tight young pussy until it is so slick with their sperm that they have to fuck her extremely hard to reach orgasm. The guys make her scream with pleasure, and she grunts and squeals loudly each time a big dick bottoms out in her sloppy hole. You can really tell Samantha's in hog heaven as Denni's stud posse pumps as much cum into her hungry pussy as she can handle!

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