Deep Rub/A Taste of Sugar Double Feature

Released at: June 1, 2020 by VCX
Deep Rub: Simple plot, sensational sex. A masseuse takes on different disguises to satisfy her clients. She disguises herself as a boat crewman, a Chinese girl, and an uninformed motorist -whoa- a complete overhaul is in the works. Annette Haven and Desiree Cousteau's sex scene is one of the most sensitive between two women. The end result is she is awarded the title of Master Masseuse and your total satisfaction is guaranteed! A Taste of Sugar: Serena -- centerfold in Playboy, Oui, and Hustler -- plays the role of Sugar, virgin bride at the most spectacular wedding orgy ever filmed. The wedding cake is on, under, and in the most erotic places you could imagine and everyone gets A Taste Of Sugar!

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