Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 46

Released at: April 11, 2018 by Ed Powers Productions
Followers of the series and of fresh talent may enjoy this, as well as those who enjoy plenty of chatter with their amateur action. Fiona Darling's a boyish beauty who warms up to Powers' touch appealingly. He finishes up by dribbling cum onto her chest from his condom. After chatting up his dog, Powers takes on returning champ, Alexa. She seems uncomfortable during some of the fornicating but relaxes during the mish. More condom contents are deposited on warm skin. Also returning is the very cute Jayne Diamond, who seems as confident and comfortable. After having Powers' cum dripped on her chest she confesses that the experience was "nice." Long-haired Alura Eden makes her debut here, and looks great masturbating before Powers does his thing.

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Ed Powers

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