Released at: July 17, 2003 by Mayhem
Follow superstud Julian and his camera on a Mayhem mission into deepest, darkest debauchery... Watch form his perspective as he and his 12 inch powertool destroy the whore next door! From jackhammering to stuffing their tight little bungs like ~~Thanksgiving turkeys~~ and then blowing his huge load down their hungry pink little throats... Victim #1 Alexia, is a beautiful girl from out of town who's lost her way. Julian takes her back to his house & jams his huge cock right up her ass, stretching her to the breaking point until you can hear the wind whistle from her asshole. Julian's camera lens gets up close and personal with every nasty, sweaty, ass gaping scene. At the gas station, our Mr. Bad-Wrench tunes up Veronika & Mason, a couple of fuck-sluts who are in need of some serious cock training! It's a Mayhem fuck frenzy as he then takes shy Victoria to hell and back and has her begging for more!...there's always more as Julian tattoos Jolean's hot tight ass and then fucks little Eden into a cum covered sit back and enjoy the Mayhem!!!

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Joelean, Julian