Day in the Dungeon, A

Released at: November 21, 2008 by Bondage Maidens
Slave Darling returns home from work, only to find out her work has just begun in this newest entry in the BodageMaidens video vaults! She steps through the door at Master Warlock's dungeon, strips naked, and is promptly placed in his lap for a red hot blistering over the knee spanking session. Minute after minute passes as the color of Darling's ass turns deep red with the color of abject submission. Her ass now properly beat, Master Warlock follows up with an intense inner thigh whipping, the welts of which soon cover her most tender areas of her feminine flesh. She is then suspended for more pussy and nipple torment, followed by heavy flogging as Master Warlock continues to impress upon her, the true meaning of dominance and submission.

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