Dare Dorm #11

Released at: August 16, 2019 by Reality Kings
Scenes Include ============= Whip It Good ---------------------- This is another legendary episode of ~~Dare Dorm~~. These kids really did it this time. They managed to throw a Tug O' War, whip cream party. What more can you ask for? After the Tug o' War, everybody jumped into the dorm showers, and that's where things got interesting. Girls starting blowing the guys and once they got back to the room, the real sex party started. Get A Head ------------------- This latest ~~Dare Dorm~~ submission is a really hot one. These chicks are out of hand, and cute as fuck. I can't believe these two dudes got to bang all of them. The night started with a boring time in the dorm. After a few ideas, they found a sex board game. That was enough to break the ice. The clothes started to come off, and the whipped cream came out. This party was classic. Ride Me ------------- I love threesomes, and this one is a hot one. These super-hot chicks are hanging out with a super ripped Latino guy. One of the girls mentioned that she played soccer when she was little, so of course Latino guy happens to have a soccer ball right there. The girls were all up on this dudes junk, and they were hot for each other also. The banging threesome that took place was the bomb. These two blondes were super sexy and I almost lost it when they started to finger each other, and this is before they got cock.

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