Damsel In Distress 636 - Goth Gal Gets Fucked And Facialed

Released at: December 3, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Misty had a notoriously bad sense of direction. She also forgets to charge her cell phone all the time. She was on her way to hook up with some other Goth friends on the other side of the state. Somehow she ended up on a back road after getting off the highway to look for something to eat. She had no idea where she was and then her car just stopped. She checked her cell. Of course the battery was almost dead and no service. She grabbed a pack of cigarettes and started walking. She was freezing. She had on a skimpy t-shirt, torn jeans and no underwear. She walked down a driveway where there was a sign of life and started yelling to the two guys working in the yard. They were a couple of squares raking leaves. She walked up, cigarette in hand, asking for help. The men had never seen a creature like her. They looked at her torn up clothes and crazy hair. They asked her questions about where she was from. They did not seem to be too interested in helping her. She was used to being treated like this but it still pissed her off. It was clear that they were blowing her off so she walked away. She turned around told them that they were fucking hillbillies. They dropped the rakes and chased her down. The older one clamped a hand over her mouth and picked her up. The other one grabbed her legs. She kicked so much that they dropped her on the ground and drug her by the arms across the yard. They flipped her over and tied her hands behind her back and gagged her. They quickly tired of her filthy mouth. They carried her into the house and tossed her on the floor. The place was a dump, empty beer bottles and porn magazines everywhere. She continued to fight. They pulled her shirt up and slapped her tits. She kicked the guy in the chest who was pulling her jeans off. He spread her legs wide while the other one slapped her bare pussy. They pulled the gag out and one of them started to stick his cock in her mouth. She tried to bite his cock. She laughed at him and told him she would bite it off. They sat her up so they could face fuck her. They both held her head so she could not squirm away. The one behind her played with her tits while the other face fucked her. She choked and gagged with nearly every stroke. This was one tough chick. They could not break her spirit. She told them they could fuck her and it would not make any difference. They would still be hillbillies. They pushed her back and started licking her pussy to get it wet. She told him that it was gross and did not feel good. He slapped that wet pussy and spread her lips. Her legs were pulled back behind her head and the other one slammed his cock into her. She screamed as this was going on. He asked her if she liked that hillbilly cock in her. She yelled at him through the gag. He pulled her back up on her knees and jammed his cock even deeper into her throat. They bent her over a piece of furniture and he rammed it back in again from behind. The other one got involved and shoved his cock into her mouth. Now she was getting it from both ends. The one fucking her from behind had her by the hair and was shoving her head hard down onto his buddy's cock. They flipped her over on her back so her head was hanging over. They resumed fucking her from both ends. The man's balls were hitting her face with every deep stroke into her throat. The one fucking her was getting close to cumming. He told her that he was going to cum inside her and she was going to have a hillbilly baby. She tried to yell out no but she was still getting face fucked. He blew his load deep inside her womb. The other one jammed his cock down her throat while her head was held. He pulled out and sprayed his load all over her face. She spit the cum onto one of them and he grabbed her by the throat. They might not be done with her after all.

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