Damsel In Distress 340 - Wunder Woman And Cheetah Fucked Again

Released at: October 14, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Professor Schmidt, doctor of mind control, had called Wunder Woman. She was subconsciously still under his control from their last meeting. While she was on the phone he used his sound generator, causing her to go back into a trance. He requested she and Cheetah come to his liar. Cheetah is normally an evil villainous but since falling under his spell has been partnering with Wunder Woman. Wunder Woman complied with his request. , she contacted Cheetah. The spell was strong enough to Cheetah as soon as she heard Wunder Woman's voice. Both showed up and he began his fun. His first show was Wunder Woman fucking Cheetah with a strap on. She bent Cheetah over his desk and fucked her to orgasm while the professor watched. He then had Cheetah suck his cock as Wunder Woman fucked her. He then bent Wunder Woman over his desk and entered her. Professor Schmidt told Wunder Woman to lay down while Cheetah licked her wonder pussy. Professor Schmidt fucked Cheetah from behind as she ate Wunder Woman's pussy. He went back and forth having our heroines suck his cock until he came across Cheetah's face and on Wunder Woman pussy. He told them to leave. The heroines remembered nothing.

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