Damsel In Distress 295 - The Ice Man Strikes

Released at: October 14, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl have gone to the Ice Man's secret hide away to capture him. The Ice Man is very dangerous because he can freeze your mind with one glance into his eyes. Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl break in. Wunder Woman leaves Wunder Girl to search other rooms. Wunder Girl is attacked by Ice Man and he covers her mouth with a cloth. Ice Man lays her on his experiment table. Wunder Woman returns having no luck to find Wunder Girl on the bed frozen. She runs to her rescue but the Ice Man is waiting. He attacks Wunder Woman and covers her mouth with a rag. As they come to, he grabs their faces and stares into their eyes. Now frozen and under his complete control he ties them together with Wunder Woman's golden lasso. Unable to move he pulls Wunder Girl's top down and pinches her nipples, he laughs a sick laugh and pulls his cold icy cock out and making Wunder Girl to suck it. Wunder Woman is next. They are conscious but cannot refuse. He orders Wunder Woman to play with Wunder Girl's pussy. The Ice Man fondles Wunder Girl as she does. The Ice Man mounts Wunder Girl lifting her leg up and fucks her hard. Then he does the same to Wunder Woman. Both are under his complete control. When he is satisfied he leaves them to use in any way he desires. What will become of our heroines? (Simulated intercourse)

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