Damsel In Distress 1050 - Hot Wives Club

Released at: April 11, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Friends Rachel, Dallas and Grace were all hot, big-titted MILFs. Needing a weekend break from work and their boyfriends, they headed off together to Rachel's isolated lake-house. There they had a great time relaxing, chatting, drinking martinis and soaking in the Jacuzzi. Then, one day, everything went wrong. The three MILFs had just come back into the house after a spell of sunbathing. They were all very cheerful, and they each looked great in skimpy bikini's that showed off their delicious, shapely bodies. While Dallas and Grace reclined in rest upon the living-room sofa, Rachel went to the study to phone out for food. However, when she picked up the handset, she found there was not a dial-tone. At the same moment, two masked men in black crept through the doorway and sprang up her from behind. Man A. clamped a hand over her mouth, reducing her attempted scream to a muffled wine that no one beyond the room could hear. Wrapping an arm around her torso, he lifted Rachel clear off the floor. Briefly the terrified MILF kicked out and struggled - her big tits almost spilling from her stars-n-strips bikini top. Then Man B. caught hold of her flailing legs and held them steady in his powerful grip. Rachel was now helpless - utterly at the mercy of the two intruders. Together they set her face down with her arms pinned behind her back. Man A. then looked Rachel over and commented approvingly on her comeliness. Meanwhile, Man B warned her to shut up and cooperate - or else. Soon the pair took out some rope and cloth and bound and gagged Rachel. Back in the living room, Dallas and Grace were still happily lazing away. But that was not to be for long. Having rendered Rachel helpless, the intruders now approached in stealth. In perfect unison, using the same method as before, they pounced upon the two oblivious blondes from behind. Again, hands clamped over screaming mouths, and dire threats were issued. Dallas and Grace offered timid resistance, but they were easily overpowered by their strong attackers. Their treatment was identical to Rachel's. They were laid on their fronts with their wrists pinned at the small of their backs. Then they too were bound and gagged. Now all three MILFs were taken care of. The intruders had one evil motive for their actions: to make the women manageable for the orgasmic infraction that awaited them They were ready to begin as soon as they brought Rachel back in and sat her in a row with her friends. Fondling was first on the agenda. The men pulled aside the MILF's bikinis to expose their lovely tits and defenseless pussies. Each of the three women grimaced and groaned and squirmed as the men greedily squeezed their soft flesh, tweaked their nipples, and fingered inside them. Yet even worse was to follow. One after the other they were made to suck the intruders cocks. First it was Rachel, then Grace, then Dallas, then all of them together. The MILFs hardly new whether they were coming or going. They had to please whichever intruder was nearest to them at any given moment. There was no chance of them disobeying. Besides being restrained with cord, they had their heads held firmly from behind. The men's hands gripped their hair and pulled on it cruelly. Against their will, to the point of gagging and choking, they had to deep-throat their tormentors as best they could. It was a long, horrible ordeal for them. Sensing there was no escape for her or her friends, Rachel begged the men to at least be merciful. She told them to do whatever they wanted, but asked them not to harm anyone. All she wanted was for the nightmare to be over. They took an evil pleasure in their actions - subjecting the women to constant verbal insults and mockeries. In due time there came the fucking proper. Man A. made Dallas go on to her hands and knees, shoved his big cock into her, and started pumping her unguarded pussy. Man B. pushed Rachel onto her back, spread her legs wide, and gave her an unwanted stuffing of her own. Both women closed their eyes and wept at their degradation. Grace wept too - for the turn that she knew would come. It was Man A. who eventually got around to her. Not that Dallas got any respite from his leaving. Man B. merely took his place. Now it was both blondes getting taken from behind. The men thrust deep into them, fucking the women so hard that they pressed against the sofa and let out winded grunts and groans. Yet, in spite of all this, there was the occasional sound of arousal and pleasure from them. Their minds screamed out against the ordeal, but their rebellious bodies secretly enjoyed it. The fucking was epic. Grace hardly had a moment without a cock in her. Man A. went on to take her missionary style, holding her legs back almost to her ears to get his cock right to her depths. Then Man B. had a go. Earlier he shot his load deep in Dallas's pussy. Now, having recovered his breath, he gave Grace a thorough drilling in the spoon position. In this game of musical pussies, Rachel become involved again - this time with Man A. The brunette MILF lay on her back groaning and sobbing as she endured her second offense. Finally, Man B. returned to Dallas and fucked her missionary style. The only thing left after that was for the intruders to unleash their cum. No target pleased them more than that of the three MILF's sweaty, fuck-disheveled faces. After making them kneel close together, the men jerked out their hot creamy loads. There was plenty of it in combination. Rachel, Dallas and Grace were covered in it. They had to take it in their mouths, over their lips - over their cheeks, their chins, and even their foreheads. It dripped onto their tits. It was a horrendous last humiliation for the women. They were broken and traumatized by their ordeal. The two mysterious men showed no guilt. Rather they casually strolled out of the house - beaming in their depraved triumph. Each had had the time of their lives - enjoying three hot MILF pussies in every way imaginable.

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