Released at: August 4, 2009 by Femorg
We have another sexy, blonde, thin, multi-orgasmic new-cummer to introduce to you and her name is Cyprus. Cyprus is long and lean and pretty. She is truly one multi orgasmic woman who is capable of holding herself on the edge of orgasm over and over again. Her contractions vary from quick little ones to hard, tugging one - all very real and very visible each and every time. She is so into masturbating that her whole body literally quivers in this nearly 40 minute orgasmic session! Cyprus doesn't waste any time making herself comfortable on the bed. She lifts her skirt/dress up and shows off a pair of pretty lacey, pink, panties. Her hand reaches into her panties and she rubs her clit. She pauses from the pussy play for a moment to concentrate on her small, rock hard nipples. She cranes her neck downward trying to lick her own nipple then she removes her clothing. Did I mention her nipples are hard? Well, they are and they stay that way - prominent - for a long time. Cyprus goes back to the pussy playing. Her panties are off, she moistens her fingers and rubs, rubs, rubs. She has a nice cooch - her lip area is completely shaved and her lips look soft and smallish. Cyprus is a natural finger rubber and it doesn't take long for her to get herself worked up and cumming. Cyprus just makes tiny little moans and breathing noises, usually saying, "Oh yeah," as she goes along. As she reaches her first orgasm, her anus puckers into a big contraction, which is immediately followed by more small ones. But, Cyprus doesn't stop there! She keeps on rubbing and within just a few minutes she has another orgasm - again with lots of bottom puckering contractions. Without pausing again, Cyprus continues rubbing her pussy and clitoris, panting and breathing and saying, "Oh yeah," quietly from time to time. By the 10 minute mark, Cyprus is having yet another nice orgasm. She dips her finger into the base of vagina and jiggles around the wetness for a minute. I can't help but notice that her nipples are still perky and erect! Cyprus continues going round and round with her fingers on her clit. The camera changes angles a bit, getting closer to her pussy, giving a full-body view. Cyprus is rubbing a bit more frantically now and her natural juices are becoming audible and apparent. She says, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, awww yeah," keeps rubbing and then has another orgasm around the 14 minute mark. She dips in her finger and puts it back, gently, on her clit. She gives a couple of rubs and then says, "awwww" as she tenses and rubs some more saying, "I'm gonna cum." The pace slows a bit as Cyprus catches her breath and relaxes - still rubbing her clit and pussy the entire time. The camera pans out, showing her feet and legs spread across the bed, then slowly moves in for a bit more detail in the cooch department (not too close, though). Cyprus is now back to the frantic rubbing style and her tummy muscles are so taunt. She lets out a quiet moan and cums again. She is still cumming and contracting as she reaches for a pocket rocket. It's been close to 20 minutes. Cyrpus is doing a pocket rocket and finger rub combo then quickly switches to a fast and furious rub and slap of her clit to have yet another nice orgasm. She leaves herself just there on the edge and then cums again! It's cool the way she does this over and over again - a couple of times in a row. The pocket rocket has been buzzing the whole time in the background but she has not been using it - until now. Then, she reaches for the pocket rocket again and it immediately feels good! She says, quietly, "oh Fuck!" and moans as she has yet another orgasm - tummy taunt, legs spread apart and softly moaning and her bottom and pussy puckers. Her hands and legs are literally shaking and of course her bits are completely engorged by this point. Her foot is quivering uncontrollably as the camera shows her having yet another nice orgasm - this one is the biggest and longest yet with so many bottom quivering contractions in quick, quick succession! She doesn't remove the toy and then her leg is hopping and she moans again as another series of contractions appear. She moves her hips gently and slowly up and down, then slowly moves the toy in a tight circle around her clit as the camera moves in for a cooch closeup. The involuntary puckers are there, but she's not cumming yet. Cyprus pulls one engorged lip to the side, leg still quivering as she keeps the pocket rocket on her clit - barely even moving it. She looks at the camera and then cums one more time - panting and arching upward. She must be getting exhausted - but she's not finished yet! She keeps the pocket rocket on her clitoris then struggles to turn on the dolphin with her mouth. It doesn't work so she tosses it aside. Funny, as she sits up and works the toy around, I notice that her eyeglasses are still perched on top of her head! They've been there through every orgasm. Now sitting up and working the pocket rocket on her clitoris, Cyprus moans and pants and has yet another nice orgasm - this one was quite long, indeed. She keeps going with the pocket rocket, sitting up but leaning back on one arm before falling back onto the pillow and pulling up her leg. She works the toy and moans. Cyprus goes all the way back, putting her head o the pillow and releasing a leg, then starts to moan softly again as she has yet another orgasm. This was a mini and a mild one, but quickly followed by another one showing even more anal contractions. She's knackered and the toy is turned off! That was just way too many orgasms to count!

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