Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 17

Released at: July 23, 2013 by Roman Video
Husband humiliation is once again the order of the day and thick loads of semen are once again on the menu in a brand new installment of ~~Cuckold Fantasies~~. This time, hot wife nympho Courtney Taylor is the hot wife nympho. A beautiful, tight blonde with perverse desires her wimpy husband cannot fulfill. Husband Gabrielle tries his best, but his tiny limp dick is nothing but a joke to Courtney. When he complains of not being allowed to fuck her, she lets him do so... with a big black face dildo. When she catches him jerking off while watching her masturbate with a Magic Wand vibrator, she forces his penis into a painfully tight chastity device. Hungry for a real cock, Courtney makes her hubby go out to find her a stud who will fuck her properly. Gabrielle protests, but threatened with divorce, finally obeys. He goes walking the neighborhood until he finds stranger Jack walking down the alley. This strange man is exactly what Courtney needs. Before hubby can prevent it, his wife is riding that stranger's huge cock. Courtney sucks and fucks Jack with a passion that her husband has never seen before. Hubby begs Jack not to cum inside her, but soon Jack fills her with his seed. Courtney spreads her pussy open to let the thick white cum ooze out, and makes her husband suck it up. His horror and disgust only make her laugh as he meekly laps at the cum. Jack returns to fuck Courtney again and again. They not only get off on each other, but on tormenting and shaming Gabrielle. They make him submit to one indignity after another while they fuck in multiple positions. His pathetic submission only makes them want to abuse him more. Courtney screams as her body rocks with multiple orgasms while Jack pounds her. He cums two more times inside her pussy, and two more times Hubby is commanded to eat up those hot, nasty creampies. A gorgeous blonde, intense sex, humiliation, and three big pussy-loads of cum! This is a cuckolding tour-de-force!

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