Cuckold #9

Released at: October 2, 2007 by Dark Secret Video
This interracial sex, hard fucking video could be titled instead, "The Happy Cuckold." Lara gives a black blowjob, gets a hard fucking, enjoys Charles huge black cock as her new boyfriend enjoys the action! Our interracial sex movie begins on the living room sofa at producer Michael's house with introductions. This is the second time hot wife Lara has been here. At the time she was married to a guy named Jim who was both verbally abusive and began knocking her around. This time, however, Lara is here with her new boyfriend, Jeffrey, who knows she loves to fuck black guys. He and his ex-wife used to attend swinger parties, it turns out, so watching his lady in action with someone else is not new to him. Also present on the sofa is Charles, her new black stud, whom we have seen before. Charles is packing a solid, huge black cock measuring around 10". After Lara grabs Charles' crotch and determines he is, in fact, very well endowed, we adjourn to an upstairs bedroom where she and Charles shed their clothes and Jeffrey takes a seat nearby to watch. We begin with a black blowjob. Lara is sitting on the bed and going down on Charles, as he stands at the edge of the bed. We get footage from the side and upwards between his legs as she sucks and drools, his right hands pulling her head down on his huge black cock. Soon Charles lays her back on the bed and begins licking her pussy, while tugging on and pinching her nipples. She deliciously moans and groans, clearly happy with his licking. Suddenly she grabs him and pulls him up and groans breathlessly, "Fuck me." He climbs between her legs and sinks his huge black cock into her pussy. He begins penetrating her slowly at first, then picks up the pace as she cries out and groans from climax to climax. We get excellent up-close footage of the hard fucking. She flips him over and goes for a ride, bouncing up and down on his huge black cock, then she lays down, her tits pressed into his chest, as he enfolds her in his arms while continuing to the hard fucking. Then again she sits upright, impaled on his huge black cock. Next, Lara gives a hot, leisurely black blowjob as she nestles between his legs to suck. We are, of course, close in on the action. Soon they move into a doggie-style position for more interracial hard fucking. We position the camcorder directly under Charles' chin pointing downward so we see some outstanding footage of that huge black cock disappearing into her wet pussy, as his hands grip her hips, moving her ass forward and back. Charles wraps his arm around her chest and pulls her backwards with him as he falls onto the bed, she ends up riding him but facing away, and with legs spread wide, provides us with excellent penetration video. She plays with that formerly married clit as his huge black cock slides way so deeply into her. The hard fucking continues as she uses her legs to slide up and down on his shaft, Charles helps out by putting his hands under her asscheeks to help her with that. Next they are in a 69 position with Lara on top and we have a clear, close-up look at her black blowjob. She glances over to Jeffrey, her happily cuckolded boyfriend, as she delivers stunning oral sex to her hung black stud. We slowly move the camera down the length of her body and pull in tight on Charles working his tongue over her pussy lips. Then it's back to her black blowjob as she does her best to take that enormous penis deep into her throat. Following this, they are back into the doggie position for more interracial hard fucking, with her on the bed and Charles standing at the edge of the bed, slamming her ass back into him. We get hot footage from underneath and from the side. Soon we see him blow his load into her pussy and some of it drips out. Lara's face and tits are perfectly framed between his dark legs and the bed. In the next scene about two weeks later, it's their follow-up visit to Michael's, again with Charles. The scene opens with a black blowjob taking place in the master bedroom. Jeffrey arrives late, walks in on his girlfriend on her knees before Charles, his huge black cock in her mouth. Jeffrey greets her, slaps her on the ass and sits down to watch again. Her right hand caresses her bare breast and Charles' left asscheek as the black blowjob continues. Charles places his right hand behind her head as the eager cocksucker continues her efforts. We get some great camera angles, including a shot from above, looking down on the top of her head, as she pursues her black blowjob. Charles kicks off his trousers, and removes her blouse, skirt, heels and gently rolls off her seamed stockings. He spreads her legs and begins eating her pussy. "Jeffrey, he's so good," she gushes, to her nearby boyfriend. We pull in tight on his oral ministrations and it's clear why she's enjoying it. Charles is tongue-fucking her and licking her clit. Lara is groaning and yelping throughout this scene, at one point stroking his left arm with her bare right foot. Soon she busts up laughing. "What are you doing? You're making me crazy!" She's wearing a huge smile and is chuckling. A moment later they pull off the bedspread and she returns the oral sex favor with a great black blowjob. We pull in tight on her left side as she brings his huge black cock back to life with her mouth. Charles positions one hand on the back of her head as she gives that black blowjob. She lays back on the bed. Charles grabs the lubricant, wipes it over his huge black cock, climbs between her legs and sinks it inside her pussy for another great hard fucking. "Fuck that bitch," we hear Jeffrey say from the sidelines. We have the camera between Charles' spread legs as he plows her pussy. Both her legs are hooked over his thighs. He is hunched over her, both his hands are covering her ass as his huge black cock plows her. She yelps each time he shoves it up her cunt. He grabs her arms and pulls her up, the falls backwards, bringing her up into a sitting position on his cock. Soon he pulls her down onto his chest and we get nosy with the camera, getting lots of fine hard fucking footage. Jeffrey slaps her ass, looks into the lens and says, "She's a grade-A girlfriend!" They take a break, entwined in each other's arms. Charles is stroking her body then her pussy, sliding one finger between her lips. The black blowjob continues as they move into a 69 position. We flip the viewfinder over so Lara can see herself sucking huge black cock, and she plays to the camera, eyes seemingly locked on the viewer. Charles strokes the small of her back as our white cocksucker takes him deeply into her hungry mouth. We pull in on the cuckold boyfriend. "Jeffrey, what's that feel like?" "It feels great," she says. "She's the best dick-sucking girlfriend I ever had." We get a close-up of Charles eating her pussy, then more of her black blowjob. Next up, more hard fucking. They are positioned on their side as Charles pushes his cock into her. We are between their legs with the camcorder and get excellent footage of his hard fucking. They move into the missionary position. "Fuck my girlfriend," cracks Jeffrey from the sidelines. After a few minutes of hard fucking, he blows his load on her belly then moves it up to her mouth, some goo forming on her chin. She teases more cum out of his huge black cock by licking the bottom of its head. The video ends when Charles has her give him head once more, as he stands on the mattress, and photographs her sucking him.

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