Creme de la Face 48

Released at: November 25, 2005 by Rodney Moore
Freeway Flasher: Horny Lee flashes passing motorists on the freeway till her pertured friend throws her out of the car. When Rodney rescues her in his van, she flashes him too. After she takes a Rodney Blast she can flash her spunk-covered face! Sloppy Roommate: Syren's room is a sloppy mess. When Rodney insists she clean it up, she offers him a sloppy blow-job. Guess which he chooses? Quick Fix: Dirty pictures make her horny, so Xanthia brings the first guy she can find back to her kitchen, drops to her knees and gives him a hot hummer. She rides his prong and rubs his squirter all over her face as it unloads. His purpose served, she pushes him back out the door. Shy Model: Lily is shy but determined. If kneeling and sucking photographer dick is what it takes to be a model, then she won't be shy about taking a big cum blast right in her face! First Scene: Melissa, a tall, slender Seattle girl, does her very first scene with Rodney. Dance: Regan dances for Rodney, then strips down and spit-soaks his dick till he seed-soaks her face!

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