Crack Fuckers #3

Released at: April 15, 2013 by Evil Angel - Kevin Moore
The enticing cleft of a woman's ass is where director Kevin Moore finds his perverse inspiration. In ~~Crack Fuckers #3~~, his latest POV frottage-fest, Kevin follows the jiggling booties of seven experienced, sizzling-hot sluts for butt-obsessive sessions of teasing and sucking which climax with the director rubbing his hard dick between their bouncing buns to spurt his creamy load. These gluteal goddesses love feeling a throbbing hard-on between their twitching ass cheeks! Charming, big-bottomed blonde Amy Brooke taunts Kevin with her round butt, then greases up his pole and lovingly sucks him. She squeezes his shaft with her meaty buttocks until he shoots his goo. Aleksa Nicole, a busty, exotic brunette who enjoys sucking cock, masturbates to a squirting orgasm, then makes Kevin cum with her thick, oiled up tush. Sassy MILF Kendra Lust sits on Kevin's boner; her soft, shapely, mature ass provokes a messy ejaculation. Rachel Starr puts her wet mouth and curvaceous ass to work. Asian superslut Asa Akira gobbles Kevin's meat and grinds her fine bottom on his lucky pole until it explodes. Dirty little blonde Ashley Fires devoutly blows the director and, using her plump derriere, wanks out a tasty serving of cum. Cute Giselle Lions sweet hindquarters and talented lips are all it takes to satisfy Kevin's special fetish. With ~~Crack Fuckers #3~~, we see that the true way to a man's heart is through a girls ass crack!

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Scene1: 00:02:56 - 00:21:30 (18:34)


Amy Brooke

Scene2: 00:21:31 - 00:51:27 (29:56)

Scene3: 00:51:28 - 01:17:26 (25:58)

Scene4: 01:17:27 - 02:03:15 (45:48)

Scene5: 02:03:16 - 02:40:38 (37:22)


Asa Akira

Scene6: 02:40:39 - 03:04:35 (23:56)

Scene7: 03:04:36 - 03:25:31 (20:55)