Cougar Hunt #3

Released at: February 10, 2009 by Lethal Hardcore
Melissa got pissed off when the plumbers didn't fix her pipes, so when she complained they sent a "real motherfucker" to take care of the problem. Will showed up early at Carrie Ann's house to pick up her son for baseball practice, so she decided to knock his balls around and let him score a homerun. Cala is a filthy whore who isn't afraid to have innocent strangers suck her titties, taste her pussy and let her ride their dick for a while! Courtnee's mechanic returned her car from the shop early, so she decided to give his cock an engine overhaul! Will is a pervert who has always wanted to fuck a busty MILF. He got more than he bargained for when Janet gave him the stars and stripes forever. God Bless America!

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Carrie Ann