Collection 171 - Girl's Play

Released at: August 4, 2009 by HotOldmovies
What is more titillating than watching Girls Play? These two captivating ladies play with a Oija board until they are just too distracted by each other to focus on searching for spirits. Curious hands turn into curious tongues as they lick to each other's delight. In scene two the dildo comes out and they fill up their sensuous love tunnels. They end in a frenzy of 69 action! You will love watching their stocking covered legs wiggle and writhe with pure pleasure. **Original Liner Notes:**Beautiful blonde Sylvia and her gorgeous girlfriend are already hot before they start a game with their Oija board. The mystery is soon over when their secret desires are spelled out and they begin a new game with probing, searching hands and lips on tender hot flesh.

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