Cockless Vol. 1

Released at: July 31, 2001 by Ed Powers Productions
Enjoy my movies but you need a little break from cocks? Here it is, "Cockless." these hot chicks love cock, but a little pussy never hurts! All girl action! Jennifer came to masturbate and it was very hot and exciting. She then returns for an all out dildo probing, pussy licking, and strap-on 1st time frenzy with lovely Cherry Rain. This is one video where you must supply the cock, and with these two I'm sure it will be in your hand. The odd couple? Maybe not? Jamie Lynn and Paige LaSalle get it on in many ways, giving and taking! Get an extra supply of jack off lube for this one. For the female viewing audience get yourself an extra supply of batteries on hand. Russian born Sasha gets it on and off with Czech born Isabella. A few years back you'd never see girls from these countries in the same room. No more cold war leads to a Hot Smokin' give and take. "Cockless" Vol. 1 is all girl-girl and all action with the get to know the girl style that you are used to getting from Ed Powers. Enjoy with Love, Ed Powers

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