Claire, Savana & Trisha the Interview

Released at: January 3, 2023 by Mature British Lesbians
I was just getting ready for a hot porn shoot with Trisha, but before we got started Savana wanted a quick interview as she was writing an article for a hot new adult magazine. I wanted Savana to join all the fun but she decided just to watch the action, so I soon got acquainted with my good friend, Trisha, and I was soon sucking her pussy through her knickers before she slid them off. Once her knickers were off, I wasted no time in burying my tongue deep inside her hot wet pussy, then I licked up all of her pussy juices. Then I grabbed a nice big cucumber and slid it deep into her hot cunt. I rammed it deep and fast into her cunt until she reached orgasm. Then it was time to share and get my cunt on the other end of that vegetable, so we lay back on the couch fucking each other until I squirted. Next we decided to get on our knees arse to arse and work the cucumber deep into our cunts and we both once again reached orgasmin **Claire, Savana & Trisha the Interview**.

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