Chocolate Honeys 2

Released at: March 1, 2004 by Rodney Moore
**Butt Contest - Desiree & Rodney**: Desiree shows up late for the butt contest but persuades Rodney to give her a chance anyway by sucking and fucking him until she swallows his load. **Hostess Ho's - Honey & Tina & Rodney**: Honey and Tina both want the Hostess Job at the new Strip Club, but only one can have it. Boss Rodney tries to see which one he'll hire. It's a tough choice. Tina has one of the finest asses he's ever seen. But Honey has incredible chocolate boobs, and her ass ain't bad neither. Well, it boils down to who can give him the best blowjob. They're both incredible. These girls are horndogs for cock in their mouths. And those buns bouncing in the mirror are too much. Rodney blows an unusually large load all over both their faces and they lavish love on every drop. **Dom on Her Knees - Solveig & Rodney**: Solveig is a demanding dominatrix. She yells at her male slave over the phone for not cleaning her boots well enough with his tongue the night before. But wait! She hangs up, gets on her knees, opens her mouth wide and in pops a cock. What kind of dominatrix is that? **Jamie's First Video - Jamie London & Rodney**: Jamie has just turned 18, and what better way to celebrate her new adult status by making her first adult video. What a cutie. **What a Butt - Adora & Rodney**: Adora only wants to do bikini modeling, no nudity, no sex. That is, of course, until Rodney whips it out when his back is turned. This one's a toughie, though, and Rodney really has to work to get her to finally stroke it and suck it. But it's worth the effort, because this babe has one hell of a fine booty. She enjoys using it too, and takes a big Rodney blast.

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