Chain Gang 2

Released at: October 22, 2009 by Zero Tolerance Ent.
What happens when horny sluts go bad? They wind up on the ~~Chain Gang~~! We're proud to bring you another group of convicted cock smugglers who just love doing "HARD" time! You have to be careful around these fucking felons so we conduct plenty of finger-frisking and cavity-searches before the cock-wielding begins. Now that it's safe - the wild ass-fucking, cunt-stretching conjugal visits begin! What ensues is unbridled sexual passion. Missing the action in ~~Chain Gang 2~~ would be criminal - check it out today!

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Scene1: 00:01:17 - 00:56:32 (55:15)


Julia Ann

Scene2: 00:56:33 - 01:45:53 (49:20)

Scene3: 01:45:53 - 02:38:51 (52:58)