Candy Samples Triple Feature 4

Released at: October 20, 2009 by Alpha Blue Archives
Films Include ========== Ensenada Pickup ---------------------------- Candy Samples, Rene Bond, Suzanne Fields, Eve Orlon, Ric Lutze. 1971. 59m. Candy plays a mother who is ravaged when smugglers interrupt her family vacation. Great all star early 70's cast in this high seas crime drama! XXX version. Saddle Tramp Women ------------------------------------ Candy Samples, Rene Bond, Sandy Dempsey. 1972. 63m. Violent and action packed sexploitation western featuring Candy as a brothel worker who smothers a guy's face with her hanging udders before giving him her wet hole. Sex in the Bag ------------------------ Candy Samples, Orita DeChadwich, Keith Erickson. 1973. 56m. Super sleazy early 70's grinder costarring super skinny blonde Orita DeChadwich!

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