Buttman Before They Were Stars

Released at: April 9, 2004 by Evil Angel
NICI STERLING with Linzie Drew. On one of my rips to London, I came across a hot new girl who just wanted to do porno for the fun of it. She didn't need the money, but she really wanted the hot sex...so we did two scenes that day - a warm-up lesbian scene with British Porn legend Linzie Drew, and a mini gang bang with Nici taking on three guys. This was shot a full year before she came to the states to make it big. DANYEL CHEEKS ( I came up with this stage name for her). I met her in Indiana at Nudes A Poppin'. She really wanted into the Adult biz, so I told her to meet me in Las Vegas for a scene we could shoot there. This way also Roscoe Bowltree's first scene ever. ANGELA SUMMERS. I met Angela while I was casting for my big feature film Wild Goose Chase. I was afraid she was too shy and innocent for Porno. Boy was I wrong!

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