Butt Nurse

Released at: September 27, 2019 by Kelly Payne
This no-nonsense female doctor is in no mood to hear sass from her filth boy patient, who allegedly has been groping the nurse. Typical filth boy behavior-- if they don't peek at bottoms and wanker, they pinch bottoms. Despite appearing healthy, his verbal sniping and protests are going to get him into big trouble. How lucky he is. He has white, granny briefs on as she starts a crisp hand spanking and scolding. Down with the briefs and his fat ass cheeks are getting nice and red as she continues the open-handed spanking. She really knows how to shame and lecture as she continues the spanking. Latex glove, vasoline and the rectal prober. Digging that finger up there, she decides his bowel movements have not been forthcoming. She's pushing that finger nice and deep into his filth hole and he just won't shut up. A paddle may make him more compliant. A filthy mind, makes for a filthy mouth and that makes for a filthy hole, as the water runs. In goes the white, warm, soapy bulb for a stool sample and analysis. She repeatedly discharges full bulbs into his rectum. And to the potty he goes. His obstinacy earns him more paddles and should really steam up his bowels. All women should do this to their men on a regular basis. Keeps them regular. She brings out the two quart, big red bag. Those glasses make her look very doctor-like and very hot. She is expert at opening up his slime hole and getting that nozzle in there, nice and snug. The paddling continues as the head is wedged in his cheeks real good. He is starting to scream and twitch as his belly starts to fill and the paddling continues, despite his atonements. Potty time again. She needs to stretch his rectum out because she wants him to go potty on a regular basis. Once he sees the vibrator, he again becomes mouthy and the rapid spanking again resumes. He is really dancing now. This woman does go through the gloves. She is going to clean up that messy hole if its the last thing she does. It seems to be a tight chute but she has a talent for burrowing it in and twisting it about. Really working it in now. More paddling with wood this time and bare handed quicks. Welts now appear. The plastic goes in much smoother now. He is learning the process of a clean hole. She puts a rubber over a rather large butt plug, as this will stay in there overnight. All the way in she gets it. A final strapping and she tucks him in with future instructions and bathroom procedures. We must continue with this series, it is very erotic and entertaining.

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