Butt Girl & Wonder Wench

Released at: March 5, 2009 by Arrow Productions
Whenever there's trouble in Possum City, its only defenders are there to save the day, Buttgirl and Wonder Wench! When the horny hoodlums, Poker and the Penguin, get ready to put a powerful aphrodisiac into the city's water supply and turn the city into their personal harem. Our heroines head out to stop them, but are ambushed. They try to fuck their way out of it but are exhausted and are taken prisoner. Meanwhile the villains have been testing their plans on the citizens of Possum City and they get to watch them fuck each other senseless. Can Buttgirl and Wonder Wench escape in time to save the city? Great classic scenes with some hot women that all leads to a hot SuperHero/Villain orgy that you not going to find in the funny papers. Jerry Butler and Ron Jeremy as the Poker and the Penguin are wacky enough in this that you you're not going to want to miss it.

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Cal Jammer

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