Bully Episodes 3 & 4, The

Released at: January 3, 2019 by All Her Luv (AllHerLuv)
Episode 3: What turned 18 year old Shyla Jennings into the ruthless bully she is today? Her 18 year old classmates, Alison Rey and Bree Daniels, bully Shyla until she reaches a breaking point. She calls her alter-ego for help, a part of her that she has suppressed for a long time. Episode 4: The better half of Shyla Jennings fights with her wicked half, "I'm trying to be a good person, we should stop bullying girls to get what I want." Shyla's best friends, Bree Daniels, and Alison Rey watch her seemingly talk to herself with concern and confusion. The struggle between Shyla's good and bad side collide when one decides to take control. Shyla is sinfully sweet as she manipulates her friends to be her partners in crime.

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