Bullied Bi Cuckolds 5

Released at: October 7, 2009 by Kick Ass Pictures
Forget what you've been told or led to believe. The reward on most men's minds after a grueling last place finish in the office rat race is a mouthful of hot cock. It's true. Oh you probably thought the answer would be something trivial like a cold bottle of suds or the old lady. That's past tense, baby. Today's man wants something out of the ordinary and wants to be recognized for his pursuit of it. He wants to be considered interesting and, hence, asked questions about the raw taste of semen. Only cock can provide him with that frame of reference.

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Scene1: 00:01:13 - 00:34:21 (33:08)

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Scene3: 01:05:08 - 01:42:43 (37:35)


Amai Liu