British Granny Fuck 17

Released at: November 1, 2009 by Grannies UK
Freddie, G and Arthur return for Freddie's British Granny Fuck 17. Masquerading as plumbers, G is told by Freddie not to look under the bucket, but his curiosity gets him completely soaked by the high pressure hose pipe. Grannie Hotlips takes pity on him and doesn't want him to catch his death, so she takes him upstairs to get him out of his wet clothes. A bit of water hasn't dampened G's ardour and he is soon flushing Hotlips' chute out with his own thick hose! Freddie and Arthur, the luckless duo, try and get old gal Mandy's waste disposal unit working again and Arthur loses his shirt, much to Mandy's delight! She informs the guys that her plumbing is blocked and Arthur assures her that he has the right plunger for the job! Mandy leads him upstairs to check out his tool and gladly lowers her ample charms down onto his cock. Sure enough, Andy clears her chute with ease and greases her boobs in a finale for a job well done. G tries to fix a washing machine and gets a shock when he combines water and electric - a definite non-mix! Mature Julie gives him the money for finally finishing the job, but disrespects their ability as plumbers. G tries to put her straight saying that they also double as gigolos - and that he's regularly been mistaken for Brad Shit. Julie takes him up on his offer of a good seeing to and once in the bedroom she lets him lick her bald, pierced pussy then flips to execute a superb 69 before opening her legs wide to allow G to spear her hungry cunt! G sends Freddie and Dicker Dan to produce an amateur porn movie, and when greeted by lovely granny Sabrina Dan waste no time in stripping her down and delving into her mature curves. Her blowjobs are first class and her stamina in the shagging department keeps Dan on his toes as he fucks her in a variety of positions. Freddie joins the coupling and they spit-roast a very happy Sabrina until they are both ready to let loose an explosion of dude juice onto her tired body. More classic British mature action from Freddie!

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