Breast Kept Secrets

Released at: May 7, 2021 by Girlsway
Darcie Dolce is lying on her bed, using her phone to peruse the latest and greatest videos on Girlsway when she gets a call from Emily Willis. Emily's lounging on her own bed and can barely contain her excitement that the new Girlsway movie just came out! She invites Darcie to come over and watch it with her. Darcie Dolce strolls into her new home with her friend, Valentina Nappi, following close behind. They also idly chat about their jobs, traveling, and even video games, though Valentina's eyes keep falling to Darcie's breasts. Valentina admits that she's distracted by Darcie's breasts because they're definitely bigger than she remembers. Lyra Law waits at home in an extremely hot lingerie. When her boo, the statuesque Elena Koshka, walks in the door, Lyra greets her excitedly, wishing her a happy anniversary. Elena's eyes widen at Lyra's jaw-dropping outfit. Lyra sees her reaction, telling Elena that since she has been gone all week, she wanted to give her an extra special surprise for their anniversary.

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