Brave Little Fucker

Released at: October 10, 2009 by Fatal Femdom Movies
This young man has only ever fantasized about submitting to a powerful and dominant woman. Gemini is making his dream come true. She ties up his cock and balls and explains to him what it means to wear her collar. She ties him to the cross and introduces him to the flogger and variety of whips and Her open hand. She turns him around and puts an inflatable gag in his mouth and ties his head to the wall. She applies nipple pinchers and teases him with his ball bindings. Time for him to understand CBT and Gemini does this with the crop on his testicles. She whacks his testicles until he groans and then almost wets himself when She takes out the single tail. Gemini focuses on his nipples turning them bright red. Then Gemini takes him down to take another virgin ass. Again this slave groans but it is from pleasure this time as She stretches him out and uses a dildo on him, pleasure and pain, time for the cane. Gemini paints some wonderfully bright red lines across his ass. Gemini believes this young slave has potential and slaps his face and allows him to worship Her perfect feet and gorgeous ass.

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