Bosom Buddies #4

Released at: October 12, 2004 by Score
"Cuntry Comrades" Huge-chested SCORE and Voluptuous magazine star Cassandra of Slovenia takes it in her world-class bunghole and other sweet spots from that cunt-craving female fiend, Russian Kathy, who has licked nearly every fanny in England since she emigrated from Moscow in 1997. "The Sweet Tang of Poon" Kathy returns to be ravished by the horny Clare of Scotland, a first-class beauty in her own right. "The Secret Life of a Lesbian Camerawoman" This one stars SCORE Magazine hottie Hannah Callow and the little-seen Hannah Cole awash in sticky female nectar. "Slit Slurpers Serenade" Here's another unique snatch match: German superstar Julia Miles and a brunette Hannah Callow go at it like two kittens hungry for dripping cream. Julia's taste for pussy is growing. Julia can handle any woman, and Hannah is just her type of tasty British pastry to chow down on. "Salt & Pepper Makes Dynamite" This is the hottest and most blistering chapter of this installment of Bosom Buddies. Alabama peach girl Autumn-Jade meets black anal-porn queen Sierra. The tit and clit humping never stops. It looks like Autumn and Sierra have the same size watermelons and what the girls do with their natural treasures will have you spewing load after load if you love to see big tit Lesbian fucking. In the beginning, Autumn did the deed with Linsey, Chloe, and Russian Kathy. Now she's experienced, more sexually aggressive, hornier...and bustier! See her slam it to Sierra's gaping asshole in a scene designed for slow-mo.

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