Bob's Videos Private Editions #35: Working Out All The Kinks With Tracie Skye

Released at: July 24, 2014 by Bob's Videos
Tracie Skye makes the most of her time, fitting in a quick gym workout during her lunch break. She doesn't have time to change clothes, so she simply removes a few items that are bound to restrain her freedom of movement. Unfettered by most of her clothes, her lingerie barely covers her bouncy boobs and plump bottom. All of that exercise gets her very heated and feeling quite sexy, so Tracie decides to relieve the built up passion. While smoking a bit, she adds to her arousal and masturbates twice in just a few minutes. She ends by trying on a pair of wonderfully erotic nylons from Europe - sleek black hose sent to her by Bob's thoughtful friend Piero.

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