Big Girls Love Cakes

Released at: October 10, 2017 by MelonJuggler Productions
We know big girls love cakes so we invited along a few Plush friends who love stuffing themselves with comfort food. Sit back and watch our ladies piling on the weight as they stuff their faces this is the DVD for you. We start with 100% natural killer curves Kayla Mounds here is a real woman and does she talk dirty as she sets about smashing and crushing her favourite cake with her massive boobs, guaranteed to make you hard. Second comes Mature Kore Goddess, with young British babe Busty Brogan sharing a few donuts and stuffing their nice plump pussies with big dongs and squirting like fuck as they orgasm. Black Plumper Busty Shanice just sits and fills her face banging some extra weight on her plump thighs, belly and her already huge tits, she looks you straight in the eye she knows exactly what you're doing as you watch her. Finally Kore Goddess hits the scales and adds those extra pounds she just never stops eating even while she is being fucked.

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