Before I Go Out Tonight

Released at: September 1, 2006 by Internet Entertainment
I was in Cancun and it was just about dinnertime so I headed back to the hotel room to get ready. I entered the bedroom where my man was, as he was getting ready as well so we could go out for the night. It was so humid out that I didn't want to wear much of anything. I entered the corner wearing my small little pink & black plaid mini skirt and a tank top with some light pink sheer thong panties and sandals. I was feeling very horny so I went into the bedroom and started teasing myself by putting my hand down my panties and undressing very slowly. I wanted to wrap my lips around his hard dick and start sucking him, which I had the pleasure to do. His cock was teasing me as I sucked him and he wanted me to bend over doggie style and put his hard cock deep into my pussy as his balls were slamming against my ass. I love being fucked doggie style the deep penetration is so hot that way. He teased me again and pulled out and just stared at my pussy before pounding me again making my pussy wetter and wetter I could feel my juices slide up and down his shaft. I loved getting fucked this way as It always makes him cum instantly just by touching my tiny lil twat. He came all over my ass and I loved every minute of it. Mmmmm Now it's dinnertime baby...........time to go out!

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