Barefoot Domination: Catalina's Barefoot Seduction

Released at: November 1, 2009 by Urge Alliance
Carolina is an upscale professional making a damn good salary. During the day she manages ord was out about this place where you could go and be dominated by strange women's bare feet. If your into being dominated then simply had to experience it. rumor has it that your allowed to cum but depending on who is doing the dominating you might have to pay dearly for it. Foot gagging and smothering were the norm around this hidden wonderland. Come prepared they said to have your balls and face stepped on by all of their weight. Catalina was always angry and horny so this task was always a good thing for her. She starts off slowly but quickly it turns into an aggressive power play...her sexy bare feet versus Eddie's mouth. Who wins you ask? well, your going to have to see it for yourself!

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