Babysitter's Tuition = Opportunity

Released at: August 11, 2022 by Filthy Kings Clips
Sometimes you make stupid decisions. Sometimes you compound them further. My wife & kids left because she found out how I was into our new teen babysitter Vina . Naturally, I didn't mention a thing to Vina but when she came over to work and noticed everybody gone I had to explain myself. Vina seemed a little weirded out & suggested leaving, but I told her she could keep her job and I'd pay for the next 4 semesters of her college tuition.... if she helped me get this out of my system. Her perky little tits were exposed in no time. She had these cute pink lacy panties on when I squeezed her ass. She seemed impressed with my big cock when she took it out to suck it. Her teen pussy got all greased up when she rode me, my thick cock stretching out her tight hole. I laid her on the table & fucked her hard in missionary, she kept asking me to cum inside her and so I creampied her young Asian pussy. This is going to be more expensive than I thought, but worth it!

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