Annette Haven Triple Feature, The

Released at: February 17, 2010 by Video X Pix
By far the most elegant XXX starlet of all time. She had smooth, milky skin and a sweet smile, not to mention an uncanny beauty. These are 3 of her best features from the Video X Pix archives. Includes: ~~Maraschino Cherry~~ Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of whores, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world's oldest profession. Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients - all the traditional forms of sex. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons is what adult film is all about. Later, she moves on to such lessons as the proper binding and beating techniques for clients who prefer their pleasures with a touch of S&M. ~~Female Athletes~~ The delicious Annette Haven is our girl out to prove that women have equal standing with men in sports. Viewed through sexual athletes she meets, Annette is introduced to a group of athletic supporters that do more for men than any type of undergarment. Her success brings her just rewards as she secures the position as the head of a sports magazine. She celebrates her success in an orgy over-flowing with athletic exuberance. Female Athletes also features porn superstars Johnny Wadd and beautiful Desiree West. ~~Take Off~~ Time; the present. At a lavish party thrown by an unknown host, a young lady, Linda, meets a handsome Texan and tries to discover who and where the mystery host is. Exploring the house, they happen upon a room that unexpectedly turns into a projection room. The film that the two guests watch is a very old "stag reel" of a very old man seducing a middle-aged woman. Later beside the pool Linda meets the mysterious host, Darrin Blue. Through a series of flashbacks Darrin explains that the old man in the film is in fact, Darrin Blue. "Take Off" is a delightful update of the Oscar Wilde idea of a man who never ages; but in this case, his image on an 8mm film ages instead. But "Take Off" is also quite literally, a take off on Darrin Blue in those time periods actually becomes some of our favorite characters from the movies we all remember.

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