Anal Domination

Released at: June 28, 2019 by Julie Simone Productions
AVN Hall of Fame Director Julie Simone stars in a collection of Female Domination scenes that all center around anal. Whether it?s ramming a strap on down the sub?s throat to get it nice and wet or plunging Her hands in deep to open him up, one thing?s for certain that ass is going to be penetrated one way or another. Julie isn?t gentle either, this isn?t love making, no. It?s hardcore Female Supremacy Anal Domination that ends only when Julie is satisfied. She?s joined by Anna Valentina for a rubber filled threesome that has a lucky sub having both holes filled at once. . Leather, fishnet pantyhose, lingerie, latex and lots of cocks round out this anal themed video.

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Scene4: 00:38:53 - 00:48:04 (9:11)

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