American Tickling Classics: Tied & Tickled 1&2

Released at: October 24, 2005 by California Star Productions
Our newest classic includes "Tied and Tickled" and "Tied and Tickled 2" about encounters that are turned into tickling sessions. In our first Dave meets an old high school sweetheart and can't resist tying and teasing her into submission and rounds of laughter. It's not long before his wife in on the act too! And in "Tied and Tickled 2" Marsha is both furious and intrigued when her first date with Mike, her office manager, turns into a ticking frenzy. Her best friend is also brought into the action when she learns about the incident. Classic oldies, these titles star Jennifer Brooks and Pia Sands.

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Scene1: 00:00:39 - 00:13:11 (12:32)

Scene2: 00:13:15 - 00:27:08 (13:53)

Scene3: 00:27:10 - 00:38:16 (11:06)


Pia Snow

Scene4: 00:38:19 - 00:49:59 (11:40)

Scene5: 00:50:00 - 00:55:10 (5:10)