American Nymphette 4

Released at: August 13, 2002 by Legend
It begins with Danny (Joel Lawrence) and Jill (Belladonna) making out, and we hear their inner-thoughts. She thinks he is the atypical male who really cares about her, and he wonders if she swallows. Obviously this relationship is new because he is able to lay some lines on her that will immediately make her yearn for Lawrence's member (which is what he wanted, and so did she!) He doesn't call her the next few days except for a booty call. This fills Belladonna and her friends with ire, and he is made to stand in a mock trial in front of her friends for being the classic, dishonest, sexist man. He may never want to call for a booty call again! Belladonna's friend, Tiffany (Jewel DeNyle) acts as her lawyer, and this leads to pretty good comic exchanges between Lawrence and DeNyle. She argues that he and men in general tell women what they want to hear in order to score. Danny accepts that, but argues that women are to blame for the "dishonesty" of men. They play the same game with different goals. For women, the overall goal is to trap men (and that they speak in double talk just as much), and that love is not real (sorry John Lennon). Man is not to be suppressed from his desires. Danny is, if you couldn't guess, found guilty amongst his peers. In the end though, his argument is proven to be correct.

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