Amateur Anal Attempts 36

Released at: April 14, 2014 by Homegrown Video
Stephy - Stephy's Eager Ass Delivers Her First Anal Orgasm! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's Fred and Stephy's first anal experience, and they are very excited to get started! They begin with some traditional foreplay, but soon Fred slowly slides his hard cock in Stephy's eager ass for the first time. What follows is some hot and sexy anal action leading up to Stephy's first anal orgasm and Fred blowing his load all over Stephy's giant beautiful tits. Britney - A Hard Anal Pounding Until He Shoots In Her Mouth And Face! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to hubby, Britney is a certified Milf in her new panties and bra, and she feels very sexy in them. Her new panties do not stay on very long before hubby is slowly sliding his hard cock deep in this little hottie's ass. She loves the feeling, and hubby gives her petite little bottom a good hard pounding until he shoots his load in her mouth and on her face. Erin Electra - Her Ass Wants To Be Fucked Bareback For The First Time! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erin Electra is excited! She says her ass, or her "second pussy" as she calls it, wants to be fucked bareback for the first time! Pluto is more than happy to give her the cock she desires. After some warm up pussy play, Erin says her ass is becoming jealous, so Pluto gives her second pussy a full serving of stiff shaft and eventually brings both of her pussies full satisfaction! Totally Tabitha - Her Appetite For Sex Leads To Hot Sucking And Ass Fucking! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Totally Tabitha and Ram are going to have a nice outdoor picnic, but the hot weather causes them to reconsider, so Tabitha and Ram decided to have an indoor picnic instead. Things soon get very hot inside as well when Ram goes right to eating the dessert inside Tabitha's panties. Tabitha also has an appetite for sex, so she takes Ram's main entree deep inside her throat for lunch. After some hot sucking and ass fucking, the meal comes to a delicious and messy conclusion on a plate for Tabitha to eat.

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