Ally Ann Loves Nikk Torretto

Released at: March 16, 2018 by She Loves Her Man
Ally Ann is complaining about the rain when she remembers, "OMG! Rain makes me horny!" This is music to Nikk Torretto's ears and he leads his girl inside for a hot time in our studio bed. Our dark-haired and olive-skinned dynamo feeds Ally his big uncut cock. The feeling of it sliding deep down her throat has him rock-hard in seconds. She bends him over and playfully spanks his ass before licking his hole. Red-bottomed and randy, Nikk undresses Ally showing us her perky bod, then gives her pink panther some tongue love. Ally is begging so Nikk begins to pump away. They laugh and roll around, grinding this way and that while we catch the action from every angle. With Ally Ann licking his balls, Nikk jerks his cock until he comes in a sensational orgasm. Ally is amazed by Nikk's massive orgasm. She strokes Nikk's cock to keep him in orgasm heaven.

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