Alluring Girls

Released at: October 7, 2009 by abbywinters
Jette gets to know Blaire as they try on some clothes together. Throw in some flirting and "accidental" touching, and things soon become a little cheeky between the devilish Jette and the mischievous Blaire, who is more than happy to lead the way in Jette's first girl-girl experience. There's plenty of tongue, yummy boobs, and hot sex in this exciting, frisky encounter to put a smile and your dial ... and then some! This isn't Anneke and Giselle's first time having sex, so they know exacty how to please each other. Giselle slowly and sensually slides out of her clothes, revealing her perky breasts and mouth-watering pussy; all the while lusting for Anneke's breathtaking arse with inviting, wide eyes. The moments that follow are fun and sometimes intense with Anneke burrying her face between Giselle's legs while Giselle video tapes her. There's just something about home-made videos that is real and delicious; and the powerful sex in this pairing is undeniably electric!

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