Alisha Adams 3

Released at: June 23, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
Alisha's stranded at work and her mom can't come pick her up but her step-dad Rodney's available. However, Alisha's really embarrassed to be around him since he caught her naked in the shower last week. Also, there was that one time she got a peek of him in the shower and saw how big his cock was. She reluctantly agrees and goes to use to bathroom before he gets there. When Rodney shows up, he embarrasses her again when he walks right in on her taking a pee. This time however she decides to take matters into her own hands by taking his cock in her mouth. So she unbuttons her blouse and calls him into the bathroom. At first he's a bit shocked, but as soon as she pops his cock into her eager mouth he quickly gives in. She expertly blows him, taking his meaty cock deep in her throat while fondling his balls at the same. Now it's Rodney's turn to suckle and squeeze her perky titties before giving her a good mouth fucking. Then he dives in and licks that wet little pussy, before sucking on her toes and shoving his tongue deep in her ass. But Alisha needs his cock back in her mouth so Rodney lies on his back so she can suck his cock and balls some more. It's not long before he shoots a huge stream of hot spunk across her face and all the way up to her hair.

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