Alexa Scout 3

Released at: May 28, 2021 by Transational Fantasies
After a quick ride on the exercise bike, hot and steamy Alexa Scout is all rev'd up and ready to go. She slips out of her sweaty workout clothes into some black lace lingerie and blue heels. She slowly and playfully shows off her sexy outfit for you as she unties the top. She massages her growing, all-natural trans girl breasts before completely unlacing her bottoms. Now, standing naked before you, she teases and shakes her shaved, uncut cock. She sits back on the couch, spread eagle, and rubs spit into her pretty, pink head. Then, she grabs the base tightly and bites her pouty, bottom lip. Her hands wander down to her butt cheeks, and she spreads them open and slides a finger into her tight hole. She gives you that "come hither" look, and you're immediately on your knees gargling on her lady balls. Soon, she's on her knees, bent over on the couch, and jiggling that ass while you pound her from behind. After a little bit more posing and playing, she jerks her cock until it explodes with a nice, big load of jizz for you to swallow.

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