Afrodisiac: A Demi Sutra Story

Released at: December 1, 2020 by Pure Taboo
Ester (Demi Sutra) in the midst of a meltdown, surrounded by beauty magazines she's tearing apart, page by page. She's a model at the top of her game, who has worked her ass off only to be told that she's "not what they're looking for". They want people like Annie (Anny Aurora). Even Ester herself is obsessed with her, joining her one day for a photoshoot. As she fawns over picture-perfect Annie while they're putting on makeup, she tries her best to hold it together but finally snaps, jealousy and lust consuming her. In the bedroom one evening, Anna (Izzy Lush) gets her husband Jeff (Jake Adams) his regular pills after telling him that she filled his medical papers yesterday. Jeff realizes that they are the wrong pills and doesn't take them, wondering aloud what they would have done to him if he had. Suddenly, Jeff is gripped momentarily by suspicion towards his wife since he just added her to his will the week before.

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