Young And Banged Review

Review: September 6, 2007, by Gabrio
Young And Banged

Are you getting horny today and you want to watch some nasty teens fucking live on camera? If you answered yes and you can't really wait then you came to the right place in fact this site seems to be the perfect place for that. The design of the site looks nice and this tells me we are going to find a pleasant members area but let's check it out!


Overall rating7.6

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The members area of Young And loaded really super fast and I have to say that it's also looking pretty clean, makes it easy to find what you are looking for that means the content with these young the top of the page and for being more precise at the left of the screen, you have 3 main links which are: Home, Recent Updates and Bonus Feeds and right below that you have 3 links for going to the main pages with the content.

At the left of the screen you can access the various sections which are: Main, Exclusive Sites, Bonus Video Feeds, Bonus Photo Feeds, Bonus Games, Sex Shop and Help. In the main page of the site you have the main teen girls and for each of them you have the date of add on together with the links for photos or videos eventually and it's really easy to check them out in the end....the video pages are very simple and at the very top of the page you have "video info" where they basically tell you how you can enjoy the videos and they also suggest you to go with the high quality videos if you have a fast connection and with the low quality ones if you have a slow one instead (easy huh?). For all the video clips you have lots of screen shots and under them there are the links for downloading the scene on your hard disk or for watching the video clip eventually, at the bottom of the page you will find the links for going back to the main page.

Speaking about the teen photos instead, the galleries opened fast and the thumbnails are a little small maybe, when it comes to the full sized images, they open super fast and I liked the fact that when you have the main images in front of you, if you look at the top of the page, you will notice 2 small thumbnails, one is for the previous pic and the other one is for the following pic so it's really easy to move around.


The members area of YoungAndBanged looks simple to navigate and the quality of the content is pretty high, my only remark goes for the amount of material in fact there are just 3 pages with the main teen videos. Download speed was fast and you have also a nice rich list of Exclusive Bonus Sites that you can enjoy with the very same membership which is definitely a plus if you think about it ;-)... have fun guys!!

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