TS Seduction Review

Review: December 11, 2009, by Steve
TS Seduction

TS Seduction is a transsexual site where straight men experience shemale cock for the very first time. And their first ever time with a transsexual is likely to be a very kinky experience indeed as these trannies do love a little bit of BDSM and domination. It isn't just a hard dick that these guys will be getting, but sometimes their premier taste of bondage and fetish as well. This 100% exclusive site has been created by the critically acclaimed Kink network.


Overall rating6.8

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TSSeduction currently contains exactly 150 updates and they add a new one every week. All of the updates contain streaming and downloadable videos, as well as photo galleries too. The free tour will give you a great idea of what to expect when you log in because it uses almost exactly the same design and navigation. What this brings you is excellent update information, lengthy descriptions of each of the episodes, an excellent user comments section and even video trailers. You also get the chance to check out any other appearances the performers have made on this network as their names are linked up to a list of these. It really was very well presented.

The streaming videos are available to watch in low, medium and high quality Flash Player format. You don't have to watch them in-browser either - you can watch a pop-out player too. There are also high definition downloads on offer in both .WMV and .MP4 formats, with these playing at 1280x720px. There are lower resolution downloads as well, and what was good to see is that you are not just limited to playing or downloading the videos in their full length versions as shorter clips are also available. Images are usually sizes at around 1200x800px, and are available in .ZIP file downloads too.

As far as I'm aware, TSSeduction.com is the only tranny site in the Kink network. Like with all their sites though, they add a certain touch of class to proceedings. Actually, if you ignore the tranny genre for one second, this is actually one of the more straightforward sex sites in their network. It is first and foremost a hardcore tranny-on-man site with the dudes in question purported to be taking their first ever butt-fucking from a tranny. But, as you might expect from these guys, things do get kinkier on some occasions.

In between the hardcore action, which is impressively stiff and features several very popular tranny performers, enough time is found for plenty of bondage and domination. Jessica Host ties up Kyle Sparks and pulls his mouth open as she rides him from behind, for instance. You do get variety with the occasional threesome and group sex scene, and even a couple of outdoor scenes. I would like to see fetish and BDSM become a more integral part of the content though.


TS Seduction.com isn't quite the perfect blending of multi-fetish content and tranny hardcore action that I was expecting, and instead mostly opts for a more straightforward TS sex site. That said, it still has plenty to offer you if you like a fair bit of kinkiness on the side, and this site has all the class and quality that you get from all Kink sites. One of the best hardcore tranny sites around - no surprises there!

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