TnA Tryouts Review

Review: June 17, 2011
TnA Tryouts is a sort of reality themed site using a tried and true tested hook and line; the old ad looking for models. You've seen it all before. Someone puts an add in the paper looking for models and then the unsuspecting, but always sexy, girl shows up and gets more than she bargains for. The question is, is it done well? Will the pictures and videos excite the viewer?


Overall rating6.5

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TnA reminds me of many sites I have seen in the past. Granted, things look a little bit better design-wise since the good old days of internet porn right off the bat but the plot is a very, very familiar one.

Often, I wondered, would it work if I did what they did and simply put an ad in the paper? Would hot and sexy girls come flocking to me for work and then could I convince them to have sex with me instead and then pass them off afterward? Its going to take time and its going to take money so lets just let the pros at TnA do all the work.

Get your feet wet with the plot by watching up to 5 streaming trailers. At this stage, I'm happy with that I'm seeing. The girls are actually cute and nicely shaved. The guy's aren't terrible dorky and its not as cheesy as I expected. As a matter of fact, its not bad at all!

The site is simple to navigate and the members area is easy to access. At this time, you can enjoy 15 videos. According to the site, the last update came in just yesterday. Videos can be streamed in a simple flash format. You can also download them in either wmv format or mobile friendly mp4 formats either whole or chopped into parts. Whatever you decide to pick for your format, the resolution will come up as 640x360, that is, unless you pick the HD format at a very nice at wither 854x480 or 1280x720. I like the options here.

You get the same options with the photo galleries. You can view them in medium or large sizes maxing out at 797x1200 or so or you can download them in a zipfile in the medium or bigger sizes or go for the slideshow. Whatever you do decide on, like the videos, they are done with skill, good lighting, and decent equipment.

As for bonuses, you actually get 3 sites for the price of one. Included with your membership, you get 2 bonus sites that will provide you with even more hot content.


TnATryouts may have stuck to an old plot, but it works for them. I mean, when it gets right down to it, who cares as long as the girls are hot and screw with gusto and the quality looks good, right? The only downfall is the low amount of content. With only 15 scenes, you'll be really glad they threw in the bonus sites. Be sure to give those bonuses an eyeful before you sign up because you'll just be getting going when the fun ends.

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